Take Ownership of Your Tech Stack

Retake the reins of your data and digital transformation!

With flexible, open-source, serverless data integration, MemberJunction is the first truly built-to-integrate solution for the association tech stack. It’s time to reclaim ownership from stretched proprietary systems and bridge data silos that hamstring growth and innovation.

User experience above all

At MemberJunction, we believe the member experience is the most important experience!
Audiences today don’t differentiate between things like online communities, events, membership, learning, and so on. To them, interacting with a platform should all feel like one brand, and the expectation is that it is simple, connected, and smart, meaning content of all types is linked together and well curated. MemberJunction allows you to knit together many different platforms, while providing a seamless customer experience.

Unlocking Data from Proprietary Software

It's 2023, and we’re still selecting industry-specific applications around one single, monolithic system. To force these disjointed, "bolt-on" systems to play nicely together, we've relied on one-to-one integrations and the tight coupling of enterprise data with specific systems. These integrations quickly morph into a complex web of dependencies that cripples the flow of data. We're often left chained to outdated systems and endless technical debt.

Connecting people to information 

With no barriers to real-time intelligence, MemberJunction empowers the tech-savvy, non-tech-minded end-users, and everyone in between to make decisions on a dime. No need to reconcile across databases. Cut bottlenecks with a single source of truth.
MemberJunction architecture

Borderless ecosystem of intelligence

Faster, smarter, and more impactful decisions 
The seamless exchange of information 
More agile, data-driven, and cooperative teams 
User empowerment across all tiers of an organization 
Better member targeting and engagement 
Innovative ideas and new opportunities for growth

Plug-and-Play Flexibility

Scale as your needs change and replace aging tech with the latest and greatest. When it comes to your data and technology, you're in the driver's seat. 

Who we are

The MemberJunction founders, Andrew Crispino and Hilton Gray, have over 35 years of combined experience working with associations. 

We understand the challenges organizations face in using technology to fulfill their missions and have a passion for helping deliver on that vision.

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